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Salutations! It's time to put up a new journal since we're already in 2017 for a while now, and I hope you all had the nicest start of year! Again, the group is receiving submissions to the wrong folders, and here I want to talk about the most common mistakes. It would help me more than you can imagine if you could give it a quick read and try to avoid sending to wrong folders.

:bulletblack: If the picture shows a human character alone or with pkmn - it doesn't matter the generation - it belongs in the Humans and Pokémon folder, not their respective generation folder.

:bulletblack:Keep in mind, though, that the Humans and Pokémon folder is for official characters only! If the human/trainer is not an official character, such as illustrations of a trainer oc with their pkmn team, it belongs in the Original Character folder.

:bulletblack: Please send any kind of sale (such as adoptables, in-game pkmn,...) & advertising to Misc. or Unsure folder. Photography of official pkmn products or anything similar belongs in this folder for now as well. Most of the folders are for illustration only.

:bulletblack: I can't understand why people keep missing the first folder of the gallery (Original Character) and submitting pkmn oc to the generations folders, but believe me, it's one of the most common mistakes! Please send your pkmn oc to the Original Character folder (if it's a gijinka/anthro, you may choose the Gijinka and Anthro Pokemorphs folder if you feel more comfortable!)

- White Paladin

Salutations! First of all, I must apologize for taking long to deal with the notifications, I had trouble to be online during more recent times and a lot of notifications accumulated, but now I finally took care of it. Welcome new members who joined us for 2017!! And I want to wish a Happy New Year to all members. I will take a break still later in january and only be back the next month, so notifications will accumulate again. I will do something about it when I return again. It was a pleasure to take care of this group during last year, and I'm excited to continue my work during this year!

- White Paladin

Salutations! Or should I say, Alola! It was very nice to see so many starters going to new homes. I hope you're all enjoying your new companion. Well, we could say the giveaway is technically "closed" simply because I'm not receiving many messages about it now, but actually, if anyone still asks me for a starter, I don't see why not! So I won't refuse. If anyone want an Alola starter, or other help in Sun/Moon, I'm here.

Also, I've noticed you all aren't usually very talkative, so I was glad to finally interact with more members. I want to bring nice moments to the group like that, or activities, or... At least, features? Any suggestion you might have is welcome, after all, I'd rather hear it from you before doing anything in the name of the group.
- White Paladin
Welcome pkmn Sun & Moon!! I know this is a short journal and it's something not directly group-related, but well, it's pkmn-related. I couldn't resist, I had to post a journal about this important releasement, that's all, haha! Which version did you choose? I chose Sun. If you want to talk about, feel free to send any messages. Also, to celebrate, I'm giving starters, if you want one just ask. For now I can give male popplio, litten or rowlet, while the rare females are for trade (all them can be nicknamed). If you're needing anything else, feel free to ask too, of course.
I wish a wonderful journey to everyone!

- White Paladin

Salutations! I hope you are all well and excited about Sun & Moon coming out soon, as I am about the new art that you're going to share with us. Can I take a bit of your time to say a few things regarding the group?

:bulletblack: First you may consider it boring because you probably heard from other groups, but it's about submitting to the wrong folder. I've been taking care of this and organizing it myself after accepting the submission, but now I may start to click the intimidating 'No' red button and politely let you know the correct folder.

Quick guide for what I remember I saw during these first weeks: Please, send your original character (pkmn or HUMAN) to the Original Character folder, not the generations or human folder; Official human characters always go in the Humans and Pokémon folder, not the generations, even if there isn't a pkmn with them; If it's an Alola form pkmn, send to 7th gen folder, not 1st; If the Kanto form and Alola form are together, it's Multiple Gen.

:bulletblack: What would you think if I changed the group icon one day? I'm asking now because I know how this is an old group, the icon is there for so long and I want to hear if changing it could bother you somehow. For changes in general, not only this, if I don't have feedback, I will consider it alright & I will continue to decide things on my own.

If you have any kind of suggestion for the group, please say it! I would like to know what you find interesting for a group to have.

- White Paladin

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