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Salutations! It's time to put up a new journal since we're already in 2017 for a while now, and I hope you all had the nicest start of year! Again, the group is receiving submissions to the wrong folders, and here I want to talk about the most common mistakes. It would help me more than you can imagine if you could give it a quick read and try to avoid sending to wrong folders.

:bulletblack: If the picture shows a human character alone or with pkmn - it doesn't matter the generation - it belongs in the Humans and Pokémon folder, not their respective generation folder.

:bulletblack:Keep in mind, though, that the Humans and Pokémon folder is for official characters only! If the human/trainer is not an official character, such as illustrations of a trainer oc with their pkmn team, it belongs in the Original Character folder.

:bulletblack: Please send any kind of sale (such as adoptables, in-game pkmn,...) & advertising to Misc. or Unsure folder. Photography of official pkmn products or anything similar belongs in this folder for now as well. Most of the folders are for illustration only.

:bulletblack: I can't understand why people keep missing the first folder of the gallery (Original Character) and submitting pkmn oc to the generations folders, but believe me, it's one of the most common mistakes! Please send your pkmn oc to the Original Character folder (if it's a gijinka/anthro, you may choose the Gijinka and Anthro Pokemorphs folder if you feel more comfortable!)

- White Paladin
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